Kuih Kodok/Jemput-Jemput Pisang (Malaysian Mashed Banana Fritters)

Samantha Tan

Watch this recipe on YouTube, or if you're too lazy to make it yourself, order some here :)
Also known as cengkodokjemput-jemput or cucur pisang and commonly sold freshly fried as a snack from Malaysia's ubiquitous roadside stalls, the delectable kuih kodok or "toad cake" is so-named apparently due to the fritter's uneven knobbly appearance. The taste, however, could not be further from its ugly moniker- soft and moist on the inside with a crisp golden brown exterior, it is one of my favorite ways to use overripe bananas (there are only so many banana breads you can make before your tastebuds cry out for variety).
Some versions I've seen of kuih kodok resemble great big stodgy balls of dough more than little squishy fritters. I prefer mine like this: bite-size, packed full of fresh banana and with only a touch of flour to make it puff and crisp.
Because it contains no eggs or dairy, this delicious recipe also happens to be vegan! Multiply or modify the recipe below as desired- it takes almost no time or effort whatsoever.
Kuih Kodok/ Jemput-Jemput Pisang (Malaysian Mashed Banana Fritters)
Makes 5-6 pieces (serves 1)
Combine in a small bowl to form a thick batter:

1 overripe banana, mashed
1 tbsp flour
1 tsp rice flour (for crispness)
¼ tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (if you feel like it)
*Some non-purists chuck in some dessicated coconut or cinnamon into the mix too- it's not authentic, but I bet it tastes good :)
Heat some vegetable oil in the smallest pot you have (so you don't have to waste too much covering a large surface area) over medium heat until hot. Using two teaspoons, slowly drop small balls of the batter in carefully and deep fry quickly for about a minute until golden, flipping frequently to make sure it browns evenly. Remove with a slotted spoon or chopsticks, and drain on some paper towels.
Serve immediately.


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