Customer Reviews

“Hiring Sam Tan’s Kitchen was one of the best decisions we made for our shoot! Sam and her assistant Sook were incredibly helpful and courteous. Sam was very thorough and always willing to accommodate for any diet restrictions or last minute requests we had. Wonderful service all around, would highly recommend.” - Kate Fahey, CareerBuilder LLC

"I have been buying from Sam since she started baking in London. Now that she's here, I don't have to pay for shipping anymore!! I've bought many different kinds of cookies and my friends and family favorites are the Almond London and pineapple tarts. Sam's savory meals reminded me of home cooked meals. This is a good way to introduce my husband to true Malaysian home cooking without going to Malaysia!" - Min Li Fu, Los Angeles

The wedding cake Sam made for us was one of the highlights of the party. We get compliments on that gorgeous cake even after three years. Not only it was super delicious, but it was also elegantly designed. Sam is a master baker with great artistry. Highly recommend! - Cihangir "G" Duman, NYC

"The strawberry birthday cake you made me was the best strawberry cake I've ever had! Tasted better than my favorite strawberry cupcakes at Sprinkles." - Brandee Tucker, Los Angeles

"I like trying different cuisines. I have tried Malaysian food before but Sam Tan Kitchen's dishes are awesome. Her Nasi Lemak is amazing. Crispy chicken with the hot chilly sauce is great and comes with ample portions. Also, recommend her Curry Puffs. Once you finish one piece of it, your fingers are already to the second one. First bite, you taste the crunchiness while there's a good balance of the creamy potatoes and right amount of spiciness. Highly recommend!"- David Kim, Los Angeles

We hired Sam for our feature film shoot and she was absolutely amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better caterer! First and foremost, everything was so delicious with that wonderful home-cooked feel you don't get with larger/commercial caterers. Being in Los Angeles, we had a lot of dietary restrictions and Sam was able to come up with a huge variety of delicious vegan or vegetarian options throughout the shoot. We had a very diverse and international group of people working on the film and there was always something for everyone. In addition to the fantastic food, Sam was so lovely and kind, working with us and communicating throughout the shoot. She even made two birthday cakes for us and one was very last minute, but she still delivered the most beautiful, delicious cake the next day. I would most definitely hire Sam again for another film shoot or any other event. Thanks again, Sam! - Caitlin & Mragendra (Team "Normal"), Los Angeles

"The Chinese New Year cookies are super yummy! What a taste of home - brings back great CNY memories. Samantha is a great baker. The jam tarts melt in the mouth!" - Soh Leong, San Diego

"Sam Tan’s Kitchen is my go-to place as she always works with me to cater to my needs. On film sets, her high quality food is always loved by the crew as she prepares great options to suit everyone's needs and preferences, while making sure the dishes are varied and never boring. I thought I took a risk when I hired Sam to cater a bridal shower, but she surely delivered beautiful and delicious food that we all marveled over." - Ri Versteegh, Los Angeles

"Her bakkwa, pineapple tarts and peanut cookies are mouth-watering, better quality than what we get back home!" - Ruth Liew, San Francisco

"Sam Tan Kitchen's Nasi Lemak is by far one of the best I've ever tasted - reminding me so much of home! Best part about it is the fried chicken, which is done the same crunchy way you'd get at a "hole-in-the-wall" street stall back home. You can't find that kinda stuff in LA - well, until now at Sam Tan's Kitchen! Total epic experience. Go try it for yourself!" - Rendra Zawawi, Los Angeles

"The banana kueh tasted just like how my grandma made it! Almost couldn't believe I'd get to eat this in America. Sambal is delicious! And spicy enough too, not some genteel watered down thing to cater to the uninitiated." - Jaira Koh, Los Angeles

"Quite possibly the best damn thing I've ever tasted" (Oreo Cheese Truffles) - Keaton Herzer, Los Angeles

"The shortbread cookies were perfect dense buttery goodness! I got the heart shapes and won major points on valentine's day. Thanks Sam! Coconut crepes were a yummy treat. Adorable little bundles with a rich nutty caramelized coconut filling. Perfect finger food that went great with coffee." - Chris Chandler, Los Angeles

"Sam is a great cook! She is passionate and working with her has always been a treat. The food is cooked to perfection and her service is phenomenal. Highly recommendable for any production or events." - Shammika Tomar, Los Angeles

"My first order was the Chinese New Year tarts and they were buttery morsels of delight, then I ordered a few karipaps (curry puffs) for no special occasion, but to pig out and the flaky pastry was so crispy and went so well with the hearty filling of light curried potatoes. I also had a surprise for my birthday, when my friend ordered a beautiful Victoria Sponge cake that was absolutely mouth-watering and melt in your mouth delicious!" - Yani Asari-Vojka, NYC

"This is the best kaya I ever had. I even like it better than any one in the Malaysia market. Tastes so darn good that you ll order it again and again." - Yong Fang, Indiana

"I love Hainan chicken and Sam's is top notch! Definitely place an order next time she makes one of these." - Kai, Los Angeles

"I don't know how Sam does it but the noodles (Bihun Goreng) were so light and not greasy. They were also not too salty and so satisfying." - Mim, Los Angeles 

"Sam is an amazing chef. I have attended her pop up brunches and have been a loyal customer ordering her take home meals. What I love about Sam is her flexibility to cater to my dietary needs as a vegan. For example, I love her vegan sambal and vegan curry puffs. An absolute gem for an Asian living in Los Angeles." - Amirah Ali, Los Angeles