Smooth Homemade Lime Sorbet (No Ice Cream Maker)

Samantha Tan

The perfect zesty lift to zing you up and cool you down this sweltering summer, the following recipe is unbelievably easy and just requires some patience and time as you freeze-blend-refreeze several times. The end result though, is well worth the wait- a smooth, soft, tart, beautifully refreshing sorbet made WITHOUT a special ice cream machine, guaranteed to impress! :)
One whisked egg white makes all the difference, the essential ingredient that gives this frozen dessert the body and silkiness it needs.
Make at least 12 hours before you intend to eat it- if it seems too hard, leave at room temperature for 5 mins before scooping. Serve immediately as it melts rapidly.
Smooth Homemade Lime Sorbet (Without An Ice Cream Maker)
Makes about 1 litre/1 quart
Stir together and dissolve over medium heat to form a thin sugar syrup:
500ml (2 cups) water
250g sugar
Let cool. Then stir in the juice and finely grated zest of 6 large limes.
In a separate large bowl with an electric mixer, whisk 1 large egg white until a stiff meringue (ensure the bowl and whisk are clean and dry). Pour in the lime syrup liquid and continue whisking until the egg whites are incorporated (they may float to the top- don't worry as you will be stirring it again once frozen).
Chuck into a container and put in the freezer. After about 3 hours, scrape down the frozen sides and stir thoroughly with a metal spoon. Refreeze for another 3 hours.
Remove and pour the entire contents into a juice blender (an electric whisk doesn't make it smooth enough in my opinion). Blend until very smooth and slushy like- depending on your blender, you may need to do it in small batches or use a spoon to push down the sides to get the icy mixture moving (be careful not to touch the moving blades). Pour back into the container and freeze until firm.
Scoop and decorate with lime zest or some mint leaves if desired. Eat immediately.




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  • Like others, I would like to know how long this will last in the freezer. It seems to be quite large batch.


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