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Sam's Signature Sambal! - 8 oz

$ 6.99
Sam Tan's Kitchen's sensational signature sambal, the Malaysian hot-sauce that goes with everything!
Dollop this super versatile, ultimate umami-bringing, magical condiment all over your breakfast eggs, or slather it on your burger/sandwich/pizza slice. Dip your fries in it (no disrespect, ketchup/mayo/Sriracha), or whack some into your rice or noodles for an added punch. Stir fry with your favorite meat or vegetables, or (hey, why not) just spread it on toast!
Traditionally a sweet and spicy accompaniment to Malaysia's national dish of nasi lemak, this to-die-for hot sauce and its multi-dimensional explosive flavors elevates pretty much any savory dish to another level.
Try some today!
*Contains anchovies and shrimp paste.
*Medium heat.
*All orders are freshly hand made by me personally, and may vary slightly in color or shape. Delivery times depend - I generally can whip stuff up within 48 hours, then ship it to you to arrive 2-3 days after that. Please message me directly if a request is urgent!

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