Pandan Chiffon Cake

$ 35.00

If you've never tried what CNN calls one of the world's most delicious national cakes, you must! A fluffy and light yet moist sponge, deliciously infused with aromatic pandan and coconut milk. 

Dairy-free. Contains eggs and wheat flour.

*Free pickup from Wilshire Park Los Angeles, or ship to your doorstep. Delivery times depend - I generally can whip stuff up within 48 hours, then ship it to you to arrive 2-3 days after that. Please message me directly if a request is urgent!

*All orders are freshly hand made by me personally, and may vary slightly in color or shape.

*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!


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Pandan Chiffon Cake

Nice..... light and soft. Came fresh!

Who ate my cake?!?

Wow--light, fluffy and delicious! I barely managed to eat a tiny piece, as my family (of 3) devoured this cake in way less than 24 hours. I just ordered another one. I'll have to hide it.

light and fluffy

This delightful cake is just the solution for bringing joy into your dessert fare.


I have not received my order yet. Hopefully it's not stale if the cake was made 3 days ago.

Hi Beatrice,

Thanks for your order, and I'm sorry the delivery is taking longer than you expected. As mentioned on my website, USPS Priority shipping normally takes 2-3 days, though you can pay for Priority Express in checkout if you want it guaranteed overnight, or choose the Free Pickup option to collect it from me in person in Koreatown LA. Unfortunately the USPS is also facing big delays right now with COVID, so even though your address is close by, it's taking a few days. Anyway, I just checked the tracking number and your package is delivered.

The pandan cake is well-packed to stay fresh in transit. If you have any issues with it, let me know :)

Hope you enjoy everything and have a great day!


Sam @ Sam Tan's Kitchen

Moist and delicious!

Was having the biggest craving for Pandan cake, and was delighted to find Sam Tan's Kitchen! Ordered it on a Tuesday, super easy pick up on Thursday (just 2 days later). Generous serving of the cake and everyone loved it! Thanks Sam for allowing us to get a taste of home!! :)

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