Kuih Ros - Crispy Rosettes

$ 22.00
Malaysians also call it: kuih loyang, or beehive cookies
Beautiful crispy coconut milk and rice flour rosettes, individually made with a traditional flower-shaped brass mold. Fragrant, delicately sweet, very addictive.
Gluten-free and dairy-free!
12 pieces per tub.
*All orders are freshly hand made by me personally, and may vary slightly in color or shape. 
*This cookie is very fragile, and some crumbling may occur for shipped orders.  While all efforts will be made to package it well, please note that orders for shipping will be placed at the customers' own risk.
*Item is available outside Chinese New Year season, but minimum order of 3 tubs required.
*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

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Mae Lee Browning
Addictive is right!

These are so good! I ordered several items and I ate these all first. It has a very light fried flavor and then you can taste the coconut milk. They’re beautiful and delicate and came well packed so none of them broke. These are crispy and light and delicious.

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