Sam's Signature Sambal!

$ 10.99
NEW: now in a glass jar, and vegan version available!

Sam Tan's Kitchen's sensational signature sambal, the umami Malaysian hot-sauce that goes with everything!

Sweet, spicy, tangy and super versatile, this magical condiment can be slathered all over your breakfast eggs, dolloped on your burger/sandwich/pizza slice, used as a dip for fries (no disrespect, ketchup/mayo/Sriracha), or whacked into your rice or noodle dishes for added punch. Stir fry with your favorite meat or vegetables too, or - hey, why not? - just spread it on toast like some sambal fanatics do!

Traditionally an accompaniment to Malaysia's national dish of nasi lemak, this to-die-for hot sauce and its multi-dimensional explosive flavors elevates pretty much any savory dish to another level.

Try some today!

7 oz jar.

*Original version contains shrimp paste and anchovies.
*Both versions dairy-free and gluten-free.
*Medium heat.
*Please keep refrigerated and consume within a month.

*All orders are freshly hand made by me personally, and may vary slightly in color or shape. Delivery times depend - I generally can whip stuff up within 48 hours, then ship it to you to arrive 2-3 days after that. Please message me directly if a request is urgent!
*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jessica Dunn
Delicious sambal!

The signature sambal reminds me of the Nasi lemak I used to eat back home in Malaysia and I am so grateful to have found a sambal that taste pretty close to home that I can order and have it delivered straight to my door. Thank you for selling this and never ever stop making this product please!


I ordered two sambals, one a vegan and the other just the original sambal. Both are good. I am away from home and so happy to have my sambal again.

Iman Nordin
Obsessed - also, amazing with fries

Been putting sambal on literally everything - eggs, fish, rice, chicken. Brings back memories of the classic rice + fried egg + soy sauce + sambal combo. I also found out it goes well as a dip for fries!

Tina Frechette
Just eat it by the spoonful!

This sambal is soooooo good! I put some on my food but felt like I was missing the taste of the sambal, so I just ate some by the spoonful. Very tasty!!!!

Jean Freeman

Heavenly good aroma. Needs more ikan bilis. Too spicy & greasy for me, the spicyness overwhelmed the other flavors like sweet & sour.
The food package was a gift for Christmas from my niece in Australia thru Sam's Kitchen in LA. It arrived well sealed & packaged. Good job Sam for bringing a piece of Malaysia to our white friends in the USA. Thank you Rekha, good recommendation.

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