Almond London

$ 38.00

Always a huge hit with chocoholics!

A whole roasted almond encased in an all-butter cookie, topped with melted dark chocolate and a sprinkling of chopped nuts.

30 pieces per tub.

*All orders are freshly hand made by me personally, and may vary slightly in color or shape. 

*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mae Lee Browning
Oh, the textures!

I love the dark chocolate, the almond right underneath it, and then shortbread in the middle. It creates a really interesting texture and makes it oh so delicious.

Tina Chen
Love these

Very very tasty...i have ordered from Sam the last 2 years :) Love the pineapple tarts, peanut butter cookies too!!

Nicole Banchevska
Perfect treat for special occasions

I got these for a Valentine's treat and they were a hit! We had to fight over the last piece, literary. Almond and dark chocolate- simple but effective, and quite decadent...andd, they look exquisite!