Sam's Signature Malaysian Treats

Crispy Anchovies and Wok-Roasted Peanuts

$ 8.99

The perfect savory beer snack!

Crunchy and appetizing, these crispy anchovies and roasted peanuts are one of the four must-have accompaniments to Malaysia's national dish of nasi lemak. Serve a bowl of them as an unusual South East Asian nibble at parties, or sprinkle some on any rice dish to add a unique salty bite!

*All orders are freshly handmade and may vary slightly in color or shape.

*Delivery times depend on current demand. Please contact me if a request is urgent.

*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Hudson

I unfortunately was not happy with the product. I felt the anchovies were overcooked. They had a burnt taste, and not the anchovies flavor I was looking for. I will stop being lazy snd go back to making my own. I had ordered before and enjoyed them. But not this time. I also use medium whole anchovies, so that may be the difference.

Jessica Dunn
Need more anchovies

Pretty good product. Great addition to the signature sambal for nasi lemak. But I wish there was more anchovies in it. Or maybe a separate product that only contains cripsy anchovies. I would buy that instead.

Stefanie E

Crispy Anchovies and Wok-Roasted Peanuts

Rachel L.
Tastes just like home!

Crunching on them transports me back to KL, having nasi lemak for breakfast! They’re also great as toppings for other home cooked meals or as an indulgent snack!

Childhood Memory

Once upon a time when I was a wee child, my school principal banned all snacks (chips, crackers, chocolate) at the cafeteria because she wanted to promote healthy food for kids. She was a woman of vision. I admire her greatly. But I also love snacks. So we found an alternative: fried anchovies and peanuts doused with sambal, sold in a clear plastic bag. When I had Sam's crispy anchovies and sambal together, I was instantly transported to my childhood. It's a stressful time right now and this was the comfort food that I craved.

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