Celebration Cakes

Hello! We are on hiatus and not currently accepting new orders. Please email sam@samtanskitchen.com or DM me on Instagram @samtanskitchen with any questions. Thank you!
Beautiful custom homemade cakes for birthdays, weddings or stay-at-home bingeing (why not? I don't judge).
Email me at sam@samtanskitchen.com to discuss!
*Not available for shipping. Los Angeles pickup only. 
Some previous creations
NEW!  Pandan Chiffon Cake with Salted Kaya Buttercream
A bestselling original creation, pairing two of my top products! Fluffy aromatic pandan chiffon, layered with my secret recipe coconut jam buttercream. Sweet smooth salty soft OMG.
NEW! Pandan Buttercream Rose Cake
For the pandan lovers! Soft whipped pandan coconut buttercream roses
piped around fluffy pandan chiffon mmm
Alice and Cihangir's custom wedding cake
Two tiers, three layers each of dark chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream roses. Congratulations Mr and Mrs D!
Fresh Fruit Cream Cake
Like in those Chinese bakeries! Three layers of light chiffon sponge sandwiched with fruit cocktail whipped cream, topped with a vibrant selection of fresh fruit. 
Nutella Mousse Gateau
Two layers of light hazelnut sponge with a luxurious Nutella mousse in between, topped with glossy dark chocolate ganache.
Derya's strawberry birthday cake
For the strawberry lovers! Fresh strawberry chiffon layered with cream cheese frosting and real strawberry bits
Funfetti Cake
An American classic made from scratch! Moist white cake with rainbow sprinkles baked in, filled and coated with vanilla buttercream.
Victoria Sponge with Fresh Strawberries
A British tea time classic! Light butter cake with whipped cream, strawberry jam and sliced fresh strawberries
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
Moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, topped with cacao nibs

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