Ice Cream! (LA only)

Ipoh White Coffee

$ 13.00

OMG YESSS - the unique charcoal-roasted aroma and richness of real Malaysian Ipoh White Coffee, now in creamy, luscious, scoopable frozen form.

1 pint carton. Gluten-free, contains dairy and egg.

Kopitiam mug not included, sorry!


*Not available for shipping. Local pickup only from Wilshire Park Los Angeles - address provided upon ordering. Please bring your own cooler bag and ice, thank you!

*Batches are hand made and may vary slightly in color and texture. 

*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I have had this ice cream for breakfast...

I love very milky coffee and so I usually love coffee ice creams. This Ipoh ice cream is the perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and creamy. Much like the Milo, this one also makes me want to sample the flavors that inspired it, I'm convinced I would love that too.

Yum yum yum~so smooth and silky~

It was Soooo Yummy!😋 It melted in my mouth right away when I had a bite. This kind of smooth and milky-silky texture in ice-cream rare to find. Also, it has a perfect sweet & bitter balance! Thank you SamTan Kitchen to creat this flavor!

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