Chinese New Year 2021

Sam's Signature Pineapple Tarts! (3 tubs)

$ 144.00
Our bestselling Sam Tan's Kitchen signature!
A golden ball of luscious pineapple jam on a melt-in-the-mouth, all-butter sunny side up pastry base.
Completely homemade entirely from scratch: yes, that means real pineapples are blended then slow-cooked with pandan leaves and aromatic spices, and the delicious crumbly dough that is carefully kneaded and hand shaped one-by-one.
Hands down the most in-demand item every Chinese New Year!
30 pieces per tub (90 pieces total).
*All orders are freshly hand made by me personally, and may vary slightly in color or shape. 

*In warm weather, please refrigerate these tarts if not consuming immediately.

*Item is available outside Chinese New Year season, but minimum order of 3 tubs required.
*If you have allergies and would like more information regarding ingredients, feel free to ask!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Pineapple Tarts

Heavenly!! The pastry was soft and fresh and the pineapple jam was just the perfect sweetness. I will definitely order again. Brings back so many memories of home to us.

CNY Treats

Oh My Lordy!!! Hands down the best Pineapple Tarts, Pineapple Nastar, Kuih Bangkit, Kuih Ros, Honey Cornflake Cups and Fah Sang Peng that you can find in the US! 💯 💯 👍🏼 Artisan Quality and authentic!!! Very light and delightful!!💕💕 Feel so lucky to have come across Sam’s IG profile and now am able to enjoy these wonderful delights! 😋❤️

Buttery Happiness!

So lovely to have a piece of home this Lunar New Year. Sam's pineapple tarts were buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, and the pineapple jam was just the right amount of tangy sweetness.

Hope For Future CNY

I ordered the open face pineapple tarts and other different cookies n boy I wasn’t disappointed!! The pineapple tarts were pretty damn good (I guess I’ve had so many bad online experiences I wasn’t banking on high standards - I was wrong!! I also really enjoyed the cereal cookies... my only advice for next cny; order early(!!) for shipping and you won’t be disappointed! But don’t get them too early or you’ll finish it all lol

Delicious Treats!

The tarts were delicious and much enjoyed by us and all our families. Thanks for making these treats available to purchase.

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